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SEO Ranking

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Itʼs Googleʼs world now, and businesses like yours are desperately trying to rank in it. If your business doesnʼt know or have an understanding of what Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) is, then your business is potentially already lost in the digital world. Local newspaper ads and billboards are no longer effective, but digital marketing and SEO is. So what does it mean to have your business “ranked”? Essentially, it means that a top search engine (Google or Bing) analyzes your website to determine if itʼs authentic, user-friendly, and meets their standards. From there, the search engine gives your website a ranking, which affects where your website shows up when a potential customer searches a relatable term. For example, if a viewer searched “Snorkel Tour Bahamas” if the Bahama Snorkel Tour business is properly optimized, ideally they would appear within the first few results. Unfortunately, most viewers and potential customers, donʼt take the time or trust any websites that are beyond the 3rd search result page! That is where our experts at iWerx Connect come in.

Many companies will claim that they can help your business with SEO, but how many can do it well?
Whether our development team has built your website from scratch, or we simply are here to help you out with website management & hosting, iWerx Connect will ensure that your tour, attraction, or destination has an optimized website. Our team has the knowledge, ability, and tools to effectively create a site that search engines deem worthy. At iWerx Connect, we accomplish this by first conducting an SEO audit to determine where your website can be improved and which keywords will generate traffic. Then, our experienced copywriter will edit any website copy to ensure its SEO friendly, and from there, our team will create high-quality content that SEO. If you are interested in learning more about SEO and what you can do to optimize your site, check out our blog.

How We Make a Search Engine Optimized Website

  • SEO Audit
    • We first start with an SEO audit, which is designed to give your business an in-
      depth analysis of your websitesʼ SEO potential. This audit will identify areas on your website that need improvements to maximize your sitesʼ visibility.
  • Data-Driven Approach
    • Through our data-driven approach, we make it possible to discover the SEO
      potential of your website.
  • Competitive Analysis
    • To maximize your siteʼs SEO performance, having an understanding of your
      competitors helps immensely. With our SEO audits, we include both you, direct competitors, and indirect competitors on search ending results pages (SERPs). iWerx Connect works with your business to determine main competitors, and evaluate their performance. By doing so, we can determine the threats & weaknesses, as well as how your website can be improved to surpass your competitors.
  • Keyword Discovery
    • Keywords are the very foundation of SEO. iWerx Connect has a plethora of SEO
      tools to determine keywords that will generate high-quality traffic, which not only produces traffic growth but also growth in conversions and bookings for your business.

Interested in getting your tourism business, attraction or destination ranked? Contact our destination marketing experts at iWerx Connect today.


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