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Social media is a difficult thing to get right, but one of the most powerful tools for your brand & business. Through social media, we can gain consumer insight, deploy targeted advertising, source & create content, increase brand awareness and so much more. Essentially, in todayʼs digital world, social media is a necessity if your business wants to be successful. At iWerx Connect, our creative team has dedicated social coordinators solely focused on social media management for tour operators, attractions, & destinations, and theyʼre ready to help your business start getting social!

iWerx connect social media management services include:

  • Social Media Consultation
    • Weʼll find the best strategy for your companyʼs social media campaign

  • Social Media Profiles

    • Our team will establish your brandʼs presence across major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)

  • Social Media Management

    • Your business wonʼt need to worry about posting to your social media accounts anymore! Our team will handle posting engaging content across all of your social media channels, and we will ensure the brand & message are always consistent.

  • Branding

    • Social media is a good place to start to build your businessesʼ brand awareness and authenticity. Our social media coordinators will ensure all of your social media channels are branded properly and are efficiently displaying your message to your followers.

  • Facebook Ads

    • We will create and implement targeted Facebook ads that lead to conversions.

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